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  • I Support Freedom of Choice for all Americans.  We should be free to choose our destiny based on our personal beliefs and experiences.
  • We should be taught how to evaluate real facts and arrive at our own conclusion as to what is best for us and our families.  Government should not be forcing us to reach their conclusions about our lives.  This also applies to philosophies across the political spectrum.  No one should be forced to follow any political or religious ideology.  The changing of hearts and minds should be through love, education, open discussion, and the reasoning one with another.
  • I oppose Environmental Social Governance Scores (ESG) - See my ESG Tab for More Information.
  • I oppose climate change paranoia and the associated unwillingness to honestly debate disagreement with currently accepted theories.
  • I oppose irrational closures of businesses and lock downs that leave most businesses closed and only large corporations open, thus causing small business failures and transferring wealth to large corporations from hard working American small businesses.
  • I oppose mandates of experimental drugs until use is proven safe and effective; and then only if absolutely necessary for public safety.  The vast set of circumstances should involve education and the presentation of facts supporting vaccinations and not mandates.
  • I oppose banning of ideas and discussions from social media and in mainstream media;
  • I support open and free discussion and debate of opposing views and beliefs without censorship or compulsion.
  • I support off ramps for welfare programs to assist those on the programs to become fully self-sufficient.
  • I support education reform that allows public schools to compete for students with private options;
  • I believe high schools and universities need to teach students "how to think" rather than "what to think".  America is great because we think for ourselves rather than having "elites" think for us!
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