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This past two years we have had COVID "science".  Amazingly it follows the same pattern as climate change "science".  Make lots of claims, de-platform those who disagree because they are spreading "dangerous" ideas that the vaccines may have risks or may be dangerous on their own.  Take away doctor's licenses because they have differing opinions (remember Galileo?) that go against the approved text for the pandemic.  Science is the open discussion of ideas and if that is not allowed you can be certain that the science that Dr. Fauci represents is the "political science" sort rather that the real science that he is doing everything within his power to silence.  The latest studies show that five times more people age 65+ died from the COVID vaccines than died from COVID itself (Epoch Times 4/5/22) and that Ivermectin is the most effective treatment available when used early.

How many billions did the pharmaceutical companies help themselves to from the federal treasury while the middle class was forced to close their businesses and stay home to protect themselves from a viral infection that data is now clearly showing could have been treated early with readily available and cheap medications?  We used chloroquine (developed in 1934) weekly when we were in Africa to protect against malaria.  An alternate formulation, hydroxychloroquine is safe and effective but the use of these drugs would have prevented the emergency authorization necessary for Fauci to send billions of dollars to big pharma for their vaccines that don't vaccinate!

Fauci and big pharma had to have an emergency authorization for their "vaccines" in order to impose them on America and the world.  If Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine were shown to be effective against COVID the vaccines could not be authorized for "emergency" use.  This accounts for the pressure to de-platform and silence those who were showing both of these common and inexpensive drugs to be effective in treating COVID.

It is time we stood up to "political" science and returned again to real scientific debate that focuses on real facts, not adjusted data that only includes debate and statements that supports the elites' contrived view of the truth.  Most of the great scientists we revere went up against the exact type of opposition we see in today's public debates on COVID and and the supposed existential (world ending) climate change.



Idaho needs to ensure that our science is sound and that all sides of an issue can be heard and considered by government and citizens to make informed decisions based on TRUE SCIENCE not POLITICAL OR "FAUCI" SCIENCE.

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