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I am not a career politician and I am a strong believer that conservative values can protect our nation, state and counties  against socialism and environmentalism that will, if not checked, result in the loss of our freedoms in our state, our nation and throughout the world.

As a candidate for senator, I committed to helping maintain the conservative momentum in Idaho.  I believed that my education and life experiences will be an asset in representing the conservative values of the 8th District.

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We have lived in a variety of locations from the Timbuktu Region of West Africa to Mississippi, Arizona & Idaho, but Idaho was always home!


My wife & I are small business owners and I have worked in large and small corporations and the federal government.

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I have worked on large projects and teams with diverse membership to arrive at solutions to problems and concerns of national scope.

News / Events

New Study indicates 5x as many seniors (65+) died from vaccinations as died from COVID.​

April 5, 2022 - Epoch Times

UN Psuedo-Scientists announce that if emissions don't peak by 2025, all is lost (probably because they will be exposed by then. . .)

April 5, 2022 - ABC News

Valley County Lincoln Day Dinner and McCall Rally.  Had a great time meeting everyone at the events.   

April 2, 2022

Boise County Lincoln Day Dinner at Crouch Community Center.​  Enjoyed meeting Republicans in Boise County and look forward to my next visit.

March 26, 2022 

Custer County Lincoln Day Dinner Living Waters Ranch, Challis, ID.  Had a great visit with Custer County Republicans!

March ​26, 2022

Valley County Republican Central Committee Meeting.​ Enjoyed visiting with central committee members via ZOOM.

March. 16, 2022 |


Gary E. Freeman announces run for Idaho Senate in District 8.​

Feb. 24, 2022 | Elmore County Republican Central Committee  


I believe in freedom from compulsion.  My ancestors came to America in the early 1600's for both religious and economic freedom.  They came for the right to make their own decisions and live their lives without someone dictating how much money they could make, what religious beliefs they could hold or what they could become.  We need to again stand up for those rights to be free from the edicts of society's "elites".

Burning Forests and Green New Deals?
No COVID Mandates

We can't drive our car or harvest trees anwwhere without lectures but we can burn up millions of acres of forests without a word from environmentalists?

The medical "elites" are happy to ruin our lives so they can send billions to the pharmaceutical industries for emergency vaccines (that aren't vaccines) when everyday drugs could have worked if the drugs use had been allowed.

Return Govt. Power to Lower Levels
Teach our Children that we ARE an exceptional Nation

National and State Government are both gathering power to higher levels.  More state powers needs to be returned to local governments.

Liberals are teaching that America is not a good nation at heart.  This needs to be ended and our Nation should be honored.

I believe that our climate is changing but it has always changed over time.  I believe that man's relatively small impact is being selectively over emphasized and used to bring about changes in government and our lives that have nothing to do with protecting our climate.  We need to stand up for the right to use and manage our resources.nothing to

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